My Pictures and Video Clips from
Day 3 at Kingsfest
Kings Dominion, Doswell, VA
July 7, 2007
Hawk Nelson, Todd Agnew, & Jeremy Camp

Opted to skip all the but the last three artists, due to not wanting to sit out there in the heat all afternoon,
and ended up coming in late for Hawk Nelson, since everyone started earlier than originally scheduled.
But since I was there to see Todd Agnew and Jeremy Camp anyway, I was okay with that. :)

Here are the best of the pictures that I shot that day, including some scenery shots from the top of the Eiffel Tower,
which is where we were when we first realized that bands were starting 45 minutes early. Grumble.
We could hear Hawk Nelson REALLY good from up there. *rolls eyes*

And here are the clips, in my Nikon's MOV format, as well as a newly added lower resolution streaming flash version,
for Todd Agnew and Jeremy Camp. (I'm noticing some audio sync issues with the flash video on Jeremy's page, but
these are my first attempts at flash, so I may be able to fix that. At least it'll give you an idea of what the full res
versions of the MOV videos look like. :) )

A larger Real Media streaming version of both artists' sets can be found here. If you "seek" over to just over the "H"
in "created with", that should put you just about at the start of Jeremy Camp's set.













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