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Updated: 4/15/07

More orphaned pages recently added:

February 17, 2007: 3 pages of clips and pics from the WinterJam concert in Greensboro, NC, with Jeremy Camp, Steven Curtis Chapman, Hawk Nelson, and others.

March 3, 2007: Many MANY photos of the total lunar eclipse that took place already in progress at sunset. My Nikon and I were very happy that night. :)

April 10, 2007: The "Glory Revealed" Tour. Pics and clips from from when the tour stopped in Woodbridge, VA last week. A four hour drive up from here during a work week, but WELL worth it.

Updated: 8/28/2006

Well, looks like the new service is a keeper, so thought I ought to update my start page and actually put a few functioning links up here. I've got lots of orphaned pages, mostly consisting of photos and clips that I've taken of various and sundry subjects, that I've put together that aren't really linked to anything, so probably should start with those.

Music Pages:

My Third Day concert photos/clips page is the most recently updated, I just completed a full redesign of that one last night, and it includes pictures, QT clips, and my first attempt at a Real Video stream, from all the Third Day concerts I've ever seen.

I also have a page of Third Day Stuff, consisting of the odd interview, sound byte, or performance clip that didn't fit into the above page.

One other musically inclined page is my page of pics and clips that I shot during the U2 Vertigo tour when it came to Charlotte in December 2005. I also compiled a streaming video consolidating all the clips I shot that night into one long Real Video movie. That can be found here.

Oh, and my old U2 page that I started before the Elevation tour several years back can be found here. Sorry that some of the links that went to the old Crosswinds server don't work anymore, but the Real Audio streaming version of the extra track "Always" still works great, as well as several of the internal pages, like the "MooTV" parody.

Stargate SG-1 Pages:

This used to be a MONSTER site, full of clips and screen caps from several Stargate SG-1 episodes (as well as several from MacGyver, for all you Richard Dean Anderson fans), but after Crosswinds crashed on me 3 different times, I just never got around to taking the time to upload everything a FOURTH time, even having a new server.

But if there's enough interest in it, I'll bring it back again and upload all the clips and pics for each episode shown on the main page again. There are some GOOD ones, if I remember right. Some real O'Neil classics. :D

Whose Line Is It Anyway? Pages:

Another hit or miss website. It's got some good photos in it, and some cutesy tunes, but all the clips links - due to the fact that they were uploaded to free sites that aren't offering free service anymore - well, they don't work anymore either. :( I probably won't try to fix those, since now that I have a TV tuner card in my PC, I can do a much better job of capturing the clips than shooting them off the tv screen, but it's just a matter of finding the time to do so. So an update to my Whose Line pages will probably be a long time in coming. There's still some good stuff here though, especially if you're a Tony Slattery fan. ;)

Hockey Pages:

How do I love thee hockey, let me count the ways. :D

I got hooked on hockey when I was back in San Jose, watching the Sharks play, moved out here to Raleigh, and resigned myself to watching the local ECHL team - the Raleigh IceCaps. At least until the Hartford Whalers moved down here and became the Carolina Hurricanes. I had OODLES of 'Canes pics and clips from prior seasons uploaded and online, but never got around to putting them back up after the last time my old hosting site's servers crashed and dumped them.

Currently online, however, I've got pics and clips from Opening Night of the 2005-06 season - Canes vs Penguins (doobie doobie dooo :D).

Here's one of my better attempts at streaming some Real Video - it's a highlights reel from the Hurricanes' 2006 playoff run - and eventual win *w00t!* of the Stanley Cup. Amazing stuff, that playoff run. (And my first hockey effort - my version of the photo montage that they projected onto the ice during the pregame festivities. The timing may be a little different, but at least it's the right song. :)

Oooh, HERE'S a moldy oldy from 2000! It was hiding over in the old Prodigy server directory; one of the years that I partook in the "Skate with the Hurricanes" Charity thing. Essentially a Meet and Greet over Ice.

And just in time for the impending start of the 2006-07 Season, may I present my own version of the song
"It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year"

Well, that's pretty much all she wrote. Like I said, I had LOTS of other things online, but either they were on a freebie server that went belly up, or my prior paid server lost them all and I never got around to finding them on my storage discs and re-uploading them. *sigh* Someday... :)

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