Winter Jam 2007

Greensboro, NC -- February 17, 2007

A mix of pictures and QT clips that I shot with my Nikon that night.
The photos will all mostly be some size configuration (depending on how they were cropped) of 1024x768,
and the clip size and length will be listed under the screencap from each clip.

Please do not repost pics or clips without permission. ThankYouThankYou! :)




 At LAST, the man for which I'd driven an hour and a half, sat on hard floor for three hours, and ran with the bulls (Pamplona's got NOTHING on a Winter Jam crowd!) to attempt to get a decent seat, just to watch him play what turned out to be a very abbreviated set. Still trying to decide whether it's worth fighting the GA mess in March to try and see the tour ending show in Charlotte. One good thing about it being "pay at the door", I don't have to decide until just days before.

In any case, I first saw Jeremy when he played right after Hawk Nelson and before Third Day at Kingsfest (see my pics & clips) last summer. I was completely prepared to NOT like him (long story), but his set turned out to be the highlight of Kingsfest for me. Then when I found out he was releasing a new CD in October, followed by a tour, I was all "ohboyohboyohboy!" Until once again, the forgotten state of NC and the black hole of cities - Raleigh - was completely skipped during the Beyond Measure tour. *sigh*

But then I heard about Winter Jam. And thought, I am SOOOO there. Had I had an unlimited supply of vacation time, I would have loved to become a Grateful Camp-head, and follow the tour during it's relatively close stops in VA, NC, and SC. But since I did not, settled for just doing the Greensboro show, with tentative plans for Charlotte.

And so, here we be. Enough yakking, on with the pics! I usually shoot more than this during the headlining acts at concerts, but then, I usually have better seats than what I ended up with for Winter Jam. I would have loved floor seats, but by the time we got in there, we would have been further back sitting on the floor than we were for the sideline seating, and then been having to Todd dodge (my favorite reference to having to deal with trying to see past all the "Big Head Todds" when you're anywhere but the front row) to see anything. So we opted for sideline instead, it got us a little closer, and had a nice Todd free view most of the night. Not my favorite spot to sit for a concert (they would have made some excellent HOCKEY seats, though), but for $10, it worked.

Lay Down My Pride (opening intro on the left, chorus and 2nd verse on the right)
(L) 8.1mb - 35 seconds || (R) 7.3mb - 28 seconds

Tonight (part of a verse and a chorus, close up, and then wide shot of next verse and chorus)
(L) 7.8mb - 30 seconds || (R) 8.3mb - 32 seconds

Sorry, one more from Tonight at left; the chorus to Right Here is on the right, here. ;-)
(L) 5.3mb - 20 seconds   || (R)  9.9mb - 38 seconds

The start of a lengthy photo sequence during J's incorrect guitar introductions...

(L) The "Guys v Girls Singing Contest, and Right Here, with - ooh! a reggae beat. I LIKE it!
(R) Right Here, ending - "You're riiiight heeeeeere..."
(L) 11.2mb - 43 seconds  || (R) 5.8mb - 22 seconds

Another lengthy sequence of pics, including one clip, while J is talking.
11.5mb - 44 seconds                                                                                            

                                                     Walk By Faith
                                                      14.7mb - 56 seconds

Walk By Faith Halleluiah ending, wide shot, and then close up
(L) 6.9mb - 26 seconds || (R) 5.6mb - 22 seconds

I think this was the start of the "Reader's Digest Condensed Version" of J's set.
Let's see how many partial songs he can sneak in before the end of his set, shall we? :)

(L) Take You Back and (R) Beautiful One
(L) 14.0mb - 53 seconds  ||  (R) 15.8mb - 61 seconds

                                                     Give You Glory
                                                      14.3mb - 54 seconds

A wide shot followed by a close up of the last song of the night, Stay
(The close up is there, but I changed the screencap at the last second when I
noticed the look that Jared gave to J as they were passing each other on stage. :) )
(L) 4.0mb - 15 seconds  || (R) 7.2mb - 28 seconds

The end of Stay - J hops off the stage into the crowd, waves his hands franticly at Jared,
then does the backward summersault (see pic below) back onto the stage again.
11.3mb - 44 seconds

Could this be the -um- END of my Winter Jam experiences?
Still haven't decided whether I'm going in March, so we'll just have to see...




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